Hello Gals,

So here I am with my first giveaway as promised… I have decided to host a different kind of a giveaway where in you write for me and others of you decide who the best is. Yes!! All you have to do is write a review for me and the winner/winners will be decided on the basis of how popular your post is…

So, I don’t have a product for giveaway and I do not want to give you a product that you probably won’t like or won’t use. So, all the winner has to do is let me know what they want and I will pay for it !!

To be eligible for this all you have to do is:

  1. Write about a product that costs a minimum of Rs.500.
  2. Like me on Facebook.
  3. Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/hushmenott (@hushmenott)
  4. Follow my blog.

I will try my best not to make you regret liking and following me.

For the product being reviewed

  1. The review article should be for makeup/personal care products only (NO DIY).
  2. Also, the product being reviewed should cost  a minimum of Rs.500.
  3. Once the article is published, I will be holding the copyright for it.
  4. I will be maintaining a list of products that are going to be reviewed so that you refer it and do not review the same product. The list would be available HERE.

How will I decide your post’s Popularity :

You will be weighed on the basis of likes and comments your post gets. So, you get :

1 Like = 1 Point (except your own like)

1 Comment = 3 Points (except your own comments)

Now for the reviews that you are writing:

  1. It should not be already published on any other blog.
  2. It should not be copied from some another blog.
  3. It should not be already reviewed on my blog.
  4. You should have owned the product and used it for a considerable amount of time before you review it.
  5. The product that you are reviewing should be a well known brand.
  6. It should not be a product that you received in Vellvette/Enchantess bag. The reason being everybody including me is writing about it. So there is nothing special about these posts. If you want to win there has to be something special about your post.
  7. The Product review should not be a PR review.
  8. Reviews good/bad should be genuine.
  9. The reviews have to be mailed to me at amruta_0704@rediffmail.com
  10. Only the approved reviews will be considered as entrants. I will be suggesting changes and reviews will be published only after they are approved.
  11. The product pictures must be clicked by you and should not be copied from the net. The images should be of good quality. Minimum 3 Images required including swatches.

Deadlines : 

  1. The entries will be accepted from 28th October – 30th Nov. 30th Dec.
  2. The posts will be available to public (for likes and comments) since the day they get published on the blog. So, the earlier you send in a review, more exposure it would get.
  3. The winner will be declared on 31st December  1st Feb 2014.
  4.  The popularity score (Likes + Comments)  will be counted as on 30th December  31st January 2014 : 7 PM IST.

In case of a draw : 

  1. In case of a draw I will extend the giveaway by a week only for the posts which have reached a draw.
  2. In the end if the result is still a draw then the prize amount will be distributed among the winning posts.


  1. The cost of the product that you want to buy must not exceed Rs.1000 1250 /-
  2. You have to provide me the link/site for product purchase and ensure that the product is in stock.

Minimum number of entries to this giveaway has to be 15  12  failing which the giveaway will be cancelled. 

This is open for all. If you have any confusion just put a comment on this post and I will answer it.


Hush Me Not


PS : I have changed some of the dates because this one has received some late responses.. To compensate that I have increased the giveaway amount and minimum number of entries :D