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Hello Gals,

No unnecessary ranting today. Straight to the review :)


This is a gorgeous brown colored eyeliner from maybelline. It blends really well and does not smudge. It comes with a gorgeous mini angled brush which eases the application part of it. 

Swatch  :

What I like about this product : 

1. Very natural shade. Blends well and gives a very natural look 

2. Value for money.

3. Comes with a great applicator brush.

4. Stays on well. I tried to remove the swatch on my hand but it went away only after washing with soap :)

5. The color dries up quickly and no smudging

What I am not sure of : 

1. I paid a higher amount for this product. I am not sure how different is it from Maybelline Lasting Drama Swirl Gel Liner.

2. The brown color may be a problem for some people with darker skin tones as it may require extra application for the product to show up.

Rating : 3/5


Hush Me Not.


Hi gals,

From this month onwards our lovely Vellvette bag is gonna be Fab Bag. I received my bag today and here is a short post of what I got..

1 . Rusk W8less Plus Shaping and Control Hairspray

2. Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Hair Conditioner

3. LA Splash Nail Splash – Fabuluxe

4. Bonus – Anne Andre Acetone Nail Enamel Remover

The fifth product is the one pending from my last bag : Thalgo Moisture Quenching Mask

My take on the products  :

I sort of dont have much to say about this bag. I prefer skin care and beauty products but this bag had none.

The LA Splash bottle was the only thing that made me happy.

The Rusk spray is kinda unknown and not very fascinating but I saw a couple of good reviews for this product.

I have received way too many Conditioners (every alternate month) so I really felt sad when I saw another one from KAMA. It smells great though.

Does a Nail Enamel Remover even count ?? No comments on that ..

It was really sad that two of the products arrived damaged. Well only damaged on the outside you can say. The LA splash bottle was stained with Nail Polish on the outside and had a weird sticky mark on the cap. The Rusk bottle too had a huge and very noticeable scratch mark on it. But nothing that could damage the product. 



I guess Vellvette (oops sorry Fab bag!!) has tendency to swing my opinion every month. Its a love hate relationship :P


Hush Me Not



Hi gals,

How many of you put on a sunscreen everyday? How many of you think that it is not required to put a sunscreen on a rainy/cloudy day? How many of you are unaware that lack of sunscreen can lead to early wrinkles on your face ?

Most of would have a negative answer for this. I too was under the same category until a few months back. I always had sunscreen in my stash.. just that I was not using it as I always used to wonder how much damage can an hour under the sun have on your skin.. However,  I came across a lot of articles which said that it is imperative to use a sunscreen no matter where you are as the UV rays have the capability to harm your skin even on cloudy days..

I was looking for a really good sunscreen and I got a suggestion to try on Clinique Super City Block with 40 SPF.

Price : $20 (I found that it costs Rs.1600/- in India)

Ingredients : 

My experience : 

This product is really really good. It has an oily,powdery texture and is tinted.

I was a little disappointed when I tried it for the first time. My skin looked extremely oily and shiny and there was a noticeable powdery whiteness on the face. It also made my skin look very sticky. However around 5 more minutes of stay made me realize the true potential of this product.

The product settled well on my face. It did not look extremely oily or sticky. Instead it was absorbed up and gave a soft glow to my skin. There was a bit of oiliness which was taken care of by the powder I applied.

Being a sunscreen it has also saved my skin a great deal from getting tanned. In all, I am in love with this product and it is a vital part of my everyday skin care.

Rating : 4.5/5


Hush Me Not

Hi Gals,

Recently I came across these products while looking for some other stuff on The name of these sounded extremely tempting and I got them immediatelys :). Here is a short review of both these products.

Price :

Loreal Mythic oil Shampoo : Rs.750/-

Loreal Mythic Oil Masque : Rs.800/-

Fragrance :

Both smell almost similar. They have a very pleasant smell. Not at all overpowering.

My experience :

I have been using both these products for a month now.  I have rebonded hair which are quite healthy (Touchwood!!). A bit of split ends but that’s it. No dryness, roughness or breakage. I just have a bit of hair loss which according to my dermatologist and trichologist is fine. As per her it is normal to lose 100 hair a day. More than that can be a concern. So, I am out of concern area as I face hair fall mostly during the hair washes.

Now talking of the shampoo I found it pretty good but don’t expect it to give you exceptional results. It lathers really less and I have to use quite a large amount to wash my hair. It cleanses my hair pretty well. Sometimes just using the shampoo(without conditioner) has proved to be good enough. My hair do look a bit dry on the first day but they look silky and soft the next day. This product has not stripped any oil of my hair but done enough to maintain their texture and softness while cleaning effectively. To summarize that’s all this product does – Clean effectively with almost no build up. Very light and easy on the hair.

I am in completely awe of the mask. Its amazing. My hair feels extra silky and smooth and more manageable. I have rebonded my hair to make them manageable but after a few months they start going back to what they are(a bit wavy). This masque has helped me a lot in making my hair more manageable. Also, my hair appear more shinier on the days  I use this masque. This masque is amazing :)

Swatches :

Loreal Mythic oil Shampoo

Loreal Mythic oil Masque

Ratings :

Loreal Mythic oil Shampoo: 3/5

Loreal Mythic oil Masque  : 4.5 /5


Hush Me Not

Hi Gals,

So just a quick post about my November Vellvette Bag. No wonder we all loved the gorgeous pink polka dots bag. The bag had oodles of cuteness !!

I know I criticized Vellvette a lot for their products last month but I was sort of happy with them this month. Why you ask.. Well last month I had received Sally Hansen hand cream which was a repeat product. When I complained to them they immediately sent me I love… face masks in Coconut, Strawberry and Mango…. I really love face masks and these ones are too cute. I will be reviewing them soon :)

Now speaking of this months bag here is what I got :

1. MUA Lipstick – Nectar (16)

2. Votre Pore Shrink Toner

3. Mary Kay Pencils – Cappucino (Bonus Product)

I was also supposed to receive Thalgo Moisture Quenching Mask. They have said that it will be sent in my December Bag. Just hoping that they remember. I really like how co-operative they have been :)

I have seen a lot of people complaining about receiving Body washes and shampoos in their bag and I was dreading that I would receive something similar. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see the lovely MUA lipstick and the Mary Kay pencils. I have nothing to say about Votre pore shrink toner yet as I have not tried it but Votre is a good brand and I was not exactly dissatisfied with this product.

I really liked the Mary Kay Pencils (Lip liners). They are super cute miniature versions and the shade is gorgeous ;). I have not yet broken the MUA seal. However, I might do it soon and review it with the other lip colors I have.


I am really looking forward to my December Bag and I am super excited for the face pack from Thalgo. I have seen a lot of salons offering facials with Thalgo and Remy Laure products. I would see how this mask fares and then may go in for a Thalgo facial too.


Hush Me Not

Hello gals,

I had been reading a lot about the chemical peels and how good they are for your skin. Lately I had also been hearing a lot about how one should start with their anti-ageing regime once they touch upon 25. Combining both of these I came across a product that was lying in my stash for a while. I have a tendency to pick up whatever looks new to my eyes and I had picked up this one alongwith my Olay Microdermabrasion system. Since I was already doing the Microdermabrasion @home I just decided to keep this product away for later use.

This products suited perfectly for my needs. I read a couple of reviews of this product online (Yes I do read reviews for a product after buying it!! ). The reviewers seemed to be pretty happy about the product so I decided to give it a go.

Price : $30 appx.

Sadly I do not have a record of the ingredients as I have discarded the box long back!!

How to use ?

This product has to be used twice a week. Each treatment has to be equally spaced. Peeling makes your skin extremely sensitive and hence you have to take a lot of care to avoid the sun and apply good amount of sunscreen while doing the treatment.

The treatment box comes with 

1. A glycolic peel

2. An applicator brush

3. A glass dish to pump the content into

4. Neutralising pads to neutralise the acidity of your face

Treatment duration : Appx. 10 minutes

The treatment involves following steps :

1. Pump the required amount of contents into glass dish.

2. Apply the product on you face with the help of the applicator brush

3. Let it sit for 5 minutes (try to keep it exact with a timer)

4. Wipe away the product on your face with the neutralising pads.

5. Wash you face with water and pat dry.

6. Finish off with a good quality serum or a cream (your choice).

How I used :

I never use the glass dish for pumping out the product. The glass dish and the applicator looked like a lot of work for me. (Yes, I am extremely lazy). Instead I sanitized and washed my hands clean, pumped a small amount of product on my hand and applied it on my face. Once I was done with application I would start the timer and remove off the product exactly after 5 minutes. Then I would wash off my face with water and finish off with a good moisturizer.

My Experience : 

My skin felt very smooth and bright right after using this product. But that was it !! After a few minutes my skin would become extremely oily and return back to normal. No traces of brightness whatsoever. I guessed that my skin would improve after some more amount of treatments. I really don’t have an aged skin but there are some fine lines (Thank to my chubby cheeks).

I used this product for about two months, that is around 12 weeks with 24 treatments. However, my skin became dull, dry, patchy and tanned (Even with sunscreen : Melagard 50+). I just gave up my hopes on this treatment after that. About three weeks since I stopped this treatment and my skin is much better now.

I would like to mention here that my skin is extremely sensitive and hence lets not put all the blame on the product. People who have sensitive skin have to be extremely cautious of what they put on their skin. I would definitely not suggest this product for those who have sensitive skin. But those who have normal skin can definitely give this a try. I would also request you to go through the reviews of others before making an opinion about this product in case you do not relate to my skin condition. For all those who have sensitive skin and relate with my skin type be cautious and just stay away from this product.

Pros : 

1. None that I can think of.

Cons :

1. Does not suit my skin type.

2. Made skin dull, patchy and dark.

3. No anti-ageing benefits whatsoever.

Rating : 0/5

Oriflame More by Demi Lipstick- Hollywood Red Review, Swatches & FOTD:

I am an Oriflame fan since more than 5 years; it is an international brand with very decent quality. Few months ago Oriflame launched a new range of lipsticks called More by Demi, yes Demi as in the famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore. And I am going to review a lipstick from this range, More by Demi Lipstick in Hollywood Red.

Product Description:

Dare to be bold with our most glamorous lipstick ever. Blended with our choicest moisturizers and intense pigments for ultra-rich colour that glides on smoothly and delivers the perfect Hollywood finish.


Shades Available:

Hollywood Red, Coral Red, Pink Drama, Cherry Delight & Daring Brown.

Price & Quantity:

Rs. 699 for 4 g.

My Experience with More by Demi Lipstick- Hollywood Red:

Packaging: First of all, I am absolutely in love with the packaging of this lipstick. It is a golden sleek and luxurious lipstick which looks super chic.


The system of this lipstick is also very new and unique. A small pressing at the bottom will click open and elongate the bottom part and then with a tiny twist the lipstick comes out. Isn’t this amazing, but let me warn you, I know this can be very intriguing to play with; you need to be very careful. I smashed the top of my lipstick while playing with it!

Texture & Pigmentation: The texture of this lipstick is very creamy. It is very easy to apply on and get desired look. Also, the lipstick is very moisturizing and rich in consistency. It gives a glossy and sheen finish.


The pigmentation is bit of a disappointment for me, not that it has very poor pigmentation but, I expected more (Moore!). According to me, because of this creamy texture, the pigmentation is not spread evenly, and since I have pigmented upper lip, it could not hide them properly (only seen if look closely though!). But, no one ever will inspect my lips if they are properly hidden under my lipstick or not, so I guess this accusation is irrelevant!

Shade: I have mostly red lipsticks and that will prove my fondness for this shade. So, there is no doubt about me not liking the shade. This shade is pure red, more like rosy red with blue undertones. The shade is not very vibrant or striking. I have Indian medium skin tone, and it suits me well, and for fair skin this shade will look very flattering. In my opinion, this shade will also look good on dusky skin tone, but I might be wrong!

My Take: This lipstick stays for maximum 8-9 hours, yes! I had food and coffee in between but there was no such misbalance seen on my lips. Another time, I wore it while I was on vacation and in between I took a nap for 1 hour, and then after waking up, I rushed to the mirror and saw it was intact!

I love this lipstick, from its shade to its packaging. The golden ‘More’ lipstick in my makeup pouch only makes me feel luxurious and rich! The finish of this lipstick is fabulous; it does not dry out my lips, keeps them soft and balanced in moisture. The staying power is just amazing.


The Good Points:

Amazing staying power of 8-9 hours.

Glossy and sheen finish.

Rich and creamy texture.

Moisturises lips.

Luxurious packaging.

Excellent quality.

The Not-so-Good Points:

Needs to be handled with care.

Pigmentation is not up to the mark.

My Rating: 4.9/5.

Do I Recommend More by Demi Lipstick- Hollywood Red?

Yes. This is not vibrant; the lovely rosy red shade is very flattering on Indian skin tone.

Would I Repurchase?

Yes, I am planning to buy the Pink Drama shade also!

ELF Eye shadow Palette

Hello Gals, Today I will be reviewing my eye shadow palette from ELF. This is a cute little palette which I picked up during a Christmas Sale. It was meant to be gifted to one of my friends but since this one said that it was meant for creating smokey eyes and my friend is not a makeup junkie I gave her a perfume and kept this one for myself :P.

So, here is my review :

Cost : $5 (How cheap is that!!)

This is a perfect palette for smokey eyes. I would love to put up a tutorial on how to do it but I am looking for photographer who can take some pics. I just cant manage makeup and camera together :P.

The good part is that product is quite pigmented, just a little amount on brush gives a good coverage. The sad part is the applicator which comes with the palette. Its quite useless. The best part is that you can also use it for your brows. The lighter shades can be used just below your brow line to give it a well defined shape. The darker ones can be used to fill in your brows. If used wisely, the lighter shades can be used for highlighting your face too !


I know the product swatches are a bit sad.. But this is the best I could do with my mobile :(

Pros : 1. The shades are well pigmented. 2. Affordable 3. Can be used for highlighting also. 4. Perfect shades for classic black smokey eyes. Cons : 1. The applicator brush is not so good. 2. Availability in India. My rating : 3/5 Love, HushMeNot

Jewellery Haul

Hi gals,

Have you heard of ??

Agreed that the site looks cheap but trust me there are Indian sites selling the stuff from this site at a higher price. This site sells a hell lot of stuff at amazingly low prices. You can go and give it a try.

No this is no way PR. Just some honest experience. Here is the stuff I got from this site and I paid no more than Rs. 2700 /- for all this.

Hope you like it :)

Here are some statement neckpiece :



I just love rings and have a huge collection. Will post it sometime !!

Isn’t this anklet so cool !!



I love own accessories.. This is an addition to my owl collection :P

Owl Bracelet

Owl Bracelet

Owl Bracelet

Owl Bracelet


How did you find this haul. Let me know.

Excuse me for the shabby pics. I really need to get a good camera :P


Hush Me Not


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